Monday, 29 June 2009

What's the secret of recovery?

Recovery for me is about confronting the burden of being human; it’s about toughening up and doing the things that before I looked to alcohol to do for me. This is what I would describe as “doing the leg-work”.

This is not to de-mystify or, in any way, to undermine God’s role in the whole process. On the contrary; when we confront the burden of being human and toughen up we’re unwittingly co-operating with God (or the spiritual) anyway. Spiritual development happens when we co-operate with God - no matter how unwittingly.

Spiritual development, therefore, is a consequence of doing “the leg-work”. When we do that - we then find that we get well in spite of ourselves.


I’m going abroad for a much-needed week’s holiday – so from tomorrow onwards Rose, a student friend of mine from college days, will be responsible for writing the daily blog. You can follow Rose’s blog on – just click on the icon.

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