Monday, 29 June 2009

"Well" said God in admiration, "Will you sponsor Me?"

Nine years ago my friend Bryn was suffering from cancer and facing death in a hospital ward in Bridgend, South Wales. I visited him one night, and he’d just woken up from a dream that had excited him very much.

“I dreamt I had just died, Wynford, and gone to Heaven” he said, “and God was there to welcome me.” Bryn then related how God had started to question him.

“What have you done with your life, Bryn?” God asked.

“Well” replied Bryn, “unfortunately, I wasted the early part of it because of my drinking. But after that I sobered up, God – and I did a lot of good. I’ve been helping other alcoholics to achieve sobriety; I’ve sponsored hundreds of fellow-sufferers. And once, God – the highlight of my life – I spoke in front of sixty thousand alcoholics at the World Convention in San Diego, USA!”

Suddenly God cut across him. “Bryn, can I ask you one question?”

“Of course” said Bryn. “Go ahead, God. What do you want to ask me?”

“Well” said God in admiration, “Will you sponsor Me?”

And with that Bryn roared with laughter. The very thought of him sponsoring God tickled him no end.

Even when facing death, you see, Bryn could still laugh at himself. Not taking ourselves too seriously is an important lesson we all have to learn in recovery.

If I’m feeling out of sorts; don’t feel others are doing things quite as they should be done things; or I’m unhappy with what I’m doing and not feeling a 100% - invariably, I know what’s responsible. I’m taking myself too seriously.

So why not lighten up today, eh? Have a laugh at yourself like Bryn did. Bryn had a talent for keeping his feet very firmly on the ground – he never took himself or others too seriously.

Is that the reason, possibly, why you’re feeling out of sorts today?

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