Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Three frogs floating down a river....

Remember the three frogs floating on a piece of wood down the river? One made a decision to jump into the water. How many frogs were left on the piece of wood? Three, of course. The frog just made a decision to jump into the water – he didn’t carry it through.

Recovery demands action. We can't think ourselves better.

And that action involves: 1) Self examination, 2) Acknowledgment of faults, 3) Restitutions of wrongs done, and above all, 4) Constant work with others - we have to become "givers" instead of "takers" – we need to practice the kind of giving that has ‘no price tag on it’, the giving of ourselves to somebody’.

But there's more: - it's suggested that alcoholics & addicts need ‘to pray to whatever God they think there is for a power to carry out these simple precepts’ and that if they do not believe there is a God, they should start ‘the experiment of praying to whatever God there might be.’

That’s what I did, incidentally – I took a gamble on God – and it worked.

And the rewards? I got to feel "a million dollars"; my self-worth was enhanced; and I was brought out of myself.


Yesterday, I spoke at the Pembrokeshire Baptists' Assembly in Eglwyswrw; and later at a meeting of the Cytun group at Clydach. I'd like to thank both congregations for listening to me and for their enthusiastic response. Diolch yn fawr.

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