Monday, 22 June 2009

The greatest threat

It’s not terrorism or the terrorist threat that threatens to undermine the fabric of our society, today - it is addiction in its many vile, insidious and soul-destroying facets. Rooted in negativity, it tells us we’re not worthy; don’t deserve success, that we’re no good. And that sends us off on a wild goose chase to find something, some substance, person or activity that will help us ‘change our perception of reality’ - which has become too painful for us to endure. From that day onwards, we stop living, our emotional growth is arrested, and we inadvertently turn our backs on the Source of our being. We exist in a Hell of our own making. Addiction: that’s the greatest threat to our society today.

We all need to ask ourselves, “What is alcohol (or drugs – prescribed or illicit – or any other dependency, such as eating disorders, love and sex addiction, gambling and self-harm, etc) doing for us that we can’t do for ourselves?”

The answer to that question informs the kind of interventions and treatment we need to utilize in order to enable us to do all those things for ourselves.

See? We’re back with having to confront the burden of being human. There’s no getting away from it – we have to be brave in order to recover from addiction.

Are you going to be brave today? Or are you going to continue to run away from yourself, from responsibility, from life?

You have the choice.

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