Friday, 24 December 2010

What's your worst Christmas present ever?

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given a loved one at Christmas whilst under the influence of drink and/or drugs?

This will be my 19th sober Christmas and I’m still reminded by my wife of the time I expressed my undying love for her be giving her an - ironing board!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Friday, 17 December 2010

The four "D"s - Death, Divorce, Debt, and Depression

I'm more convinced than ever that my alcoholism and drug addictions were a smoke screen for the BIG one that mucks up most peoples' lives: our addiction to People, Places & Things. Most of my shit comes from this BIG one. Recovery is about trusting the Higher Power to help us detach from its claws and it's consequences: Death (in its myriad manifestations); Divorce; Debt: and Depression. The 4 Ds!

That's why Christmas is such a season of joy (for most people) - because the story of the Nativity defies Nature; defies logic. And therein lies the Hope that, no matter how hopeless, dismal or despairing our situation, a miracle can happen and fundamentally transform everything.

That miracle, incidentally, has already happened to those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. Why not join them on 'the road to happy destiny'?