Sunday, 14 June 2009

We become like that which we love....

Edward Bok, American editor and Pulitzer prize-winning author (and the man who coined the phrase ‘the living room’*), always kept the memory of his mother sacred. April 30th was the anniversary of her death, and at 3.30 in the afternoon, the exact time at which she died, he would think of her regardless of what he was doing. As the time approached at one of these anniversaries, he was with some friends, and he became very quiet and thoughtful. Finally he withdrew to one side of the room.

When he again took his place in the group, one of his friends said, “You looked exactly like your mother just then when you were standing over there”.

Bok said, “Yes, I was thinking of her”.

Bok, you see, had confirmed a little-known fact: we become like that which we love.

So, who do you love today?

This is your opportunity to become quiet and thoughtful like Bok and to think about the people you love and who have loved you – people who have always been there for you, through thick and thin, through pain, heartache and despair, and who have remained and are still there for you today.

A faith in a God as we understand Him could have the same effect if we could love and centre our thoughts on Him. Think of it, a bunch of drunks and addicts becoming God-like.

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