Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The kind of giving that has no price-tag on it: the giving of oneself to someone...

This is my first blog on this new site, and I begin with a plea....

The Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs has started on the work of establishing a day-care treatment centre in Cardiff that offers free, bilingual treatment for anyone experiencing difficulties relating to alcohol, drugs (prescribed or illicit), or any other dependency. Once the centre – The Living Room Cardiff/Yr Ystafell Fyw Caerdydd – is established in 2011, we will be extending the service to other towns all over Wales.

Would you like to support The Living Room/Yr Ystafell Fyw?

Is there a family anywhere in Wales today that hasn’t, in some way, been affected by the misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs?

As a matter of information, the year 2010 will be a year for raising awareness about the new centre as well as being a concerted fund-raising year for this new charity. Are you willing to help us establish this new centre in Cardiff and come up with creative ideas to help us raise money?

The Living Room Cardiff/Yr Ystafell Fyw Caerdydd will be a wonderful example of practical Christianity at work in modern Wales.

As Chief Executive of the Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs I am eager to come to your organization or church to speak about this new, exciting venture. Please contact the Welsh Council directly on 029 2049 3895 or by e-mail at to arrange a suitable date and time.T

he goal is RECOVERY.

Wynford X

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