Sunday, 21 June 2009

We are faced with a choice

At some stage in our lives we are faced with a choice – and it’s a choice than none of us can avoid. It’s the final stage of maturity, when we finally grow up to be what Destiny always intended us to be. This is what we are on earth for. Some crisis, illness or loss usually triggers it. And it’s the choice between the Personality (the material) and the Spiritual (becoming a whole person). The Spiritual always wins because it’s stronger than the Personality. However, unless we yield to the Spiritual we become broken people. There are many people walking around out there who are broken spiritually – with no joy in their lives; life is a chore to be endured as best they can: mundane, uninteresting and empty. A living Hell one might say.

Alcoholism made it easier for me to yield to the Spiritual. I had no other option, because to resist would have meant returning to the Hell that was my active alcoholic and drug addicted existence. Alcoholism in that respect was my friend. And it has continued to be my friend. Because all that I have today – and peace of mind is the most precious – I have directly and indirectly as a result of my illness. It brought me to my knees and showed me that I was heading in the wrong direction. It continues to show me the way. Indeed, it is the illness that keeps me getting well, because it forces me to confront the burden of being human and to keep treading the ‘narrow road’ as I travel towards that happy Destiny I mentioned earlier.

And what’s the choice we all have to make? Well, this is it – and the answer we give is crucial: any prospect of recovery from addiction depends on it.


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